Public and Separate Schools in 1967

A new six-room addition will be built on St. Christopher School. There will be room for 200 students when it is completed. The new rooms will include a library classroom, utility room, storage room, washroom, a staff room and six classrooms.

To accommodate its increased enrollment, the separate school board is building a new elementary school, John XIII, on Athabasca Street. It will be the first to feature the new team teaching technique. It will have operable walls in one of the three quadrants that will open a three-classroom unit where groups of pupils can be taught by a team of teachers.

This circular school is 136 feet in diameter and will have a 64 foot inner court. It will have eight classrooms and a kindergarten area. It will accommodate more than 300 students. It is expected to be ready for classes in December 1967.

The principal is not yet appointed. The total enrolment of elementary students is 4,700. The total enrolment of secondary students is  222.

I am concluding this history by listing all of the schools in this city in our centennial year 1967 and the Principals who are in charge of each one. The Roman Catholic schools are as follows:

St. Joseph High School – Sister Mary Sheils

Corpus Christi – Sister Beatrice

St. Frances – Soeur Gilles du Sacre Coeur

St. Gertrude – Sister Rose of Lima

St. Gregory – Sister Mary Petronilla

St. Hedwig – Sister Mary Columbine

Holy Cross – Sister St. Thomas Aquinas

John F. Kennedy – Sister Carmela

John XIII – Mr. M. Breaugh

St. Joseph – Sister Rosalia

St. Michael – Mr. M. Ward

St. Philips – Mr. Michael Lisks

Sir Albert Love – Sister Mary Richard

St. Thomas Aquinas – Mr. Frank Hefferty

The Oshawa Public schools are continuing their expansion during this year.  A large addition will be erected on Grandview school, which will double its capacity. The project is costing $200 000. It will include nine rooms to accommodate 250 more students and a library. This addition will be the first to be constructed with a full-sized library.

The total attendance in the public schools is 12 330 for this Centennial year.

The Oshawa Public schools are continuing their expansion during this year.

A new senior public school has been built on Cedar Street to accommodate its new students. The school has 10 regular classrooms, a home economics room, an industrial arts room and a combination auditorium and gymnasium. When the school opens it should have a capacity attendance of 350 students. This is called the Lake Vista School. It was later found necessary to build a large 10 room addition. There will be a new library and a music room. The school will then accommodate 500 students.

There are plans being laid for an addition to be erected on Centre Street. It will be on the north side, the short end of Queen Street running into Centre Street will be closed to make way for it.

A new school is being erected on Waverly Street, just behind the stadium (Waverly Public School). It will have 10 rooms plus a kindergarten staff room, library and a combination auditorium/gymnasium. Operable walls will be constructed in four classrooms for team teaching. This new method is being tried. There will be a seminar room for extra student help and also for showing pictures. It will be used as well for a guidance room and discussions.

After its years of service, since 1877, Albert Street School is being closed. It is in need of repairs and the cost would be prohibitive. For the most part, through the years, it has had a normal existence. Teachers have come and gone and many students have passed through its doors. Miss fanny Hislop ruled with an “iron fist”, when she was principal. The building will be used by the Board of Education for offices for the music and sports departments. Musical instruments and sports equipment will also be stored there as well as school books.The pupils will be accommodated in Simcoe Street South and Ritson Road. King Street School will take care of some of the Grade VII and VIII students. E.A. Lovell will take care of many of the pupils. A portable has been moved on the school ground to provide extra space. Miss M. Patterson was the principal in Albert Street from September to June of this year (1967). During World War II, Albert Street School was closed, for about two years owing to the shortage of fuel electricity. The pupils from there were accommodated in King Street, Centre Street, and South Simcoe Street.

The last teachers in Albert Street School in 1967 were:

Miss Margaret Patterson – Principal

Mr. Russell – Principal’s Assistant and part-time grade three teacher

Mrs. Lois Adams

Mrs. Gertrude Penman

Mrs. Carole Ranieri

Mrs. Elsie Simmons

Mr. Timothy Slocombe

Mrs. Wilma Wigg


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