Miss P.B. Faint, B.A.

She was a specialist in modern Language. She could speak French, German and Italian along with any of the countrymen. She was an excellent teacher of those languages and also taught English in the higher forms. She was ‘strict’, she tolerated to no nonsense in her classes and no one wanted to get on the rough side of her tongue. She wasted no time and came in the door saying, “We left off last day …” It was not well for those who weren’t moving fast enough to get their books out. I might add here that all the teachers came to the classes, only the science students and those going to the typing room moved at the end of the periods. Miss Faint would be over most of the years’ work a month or six weeks before the final exams. There would be ample time left for quite some time. Miss Faint was in Oshawa from January 1910 for quite [some time] until 1915; she went to Peterborough after leaving the school here.


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