S.J. Courtice – B.A.

Mr. Courtice was a specialist in mathematics and taught it in all of the forms. He was brought up in the district east of Oshawa, called Courtice which was named for his family. He knew his math well and had various ways of getting or trying to get difficult problems across to the students. He was a poor disciplinarian and many of the students took a delight in tormenting him. He seemed to take it all in a stride.

There was military drill of marching, calisthenics and dumb bell exercises. One of the last, named the anvil chorus was the most popular. To drop a dumb bell like thunder in the rooms underneath, this was quite well known to the class and there were quite a few “accidents”. A club rolling down the hall had the same effect.

After leaving the school here he went to Leamington where he was principal of the high school in that town for a number of years. When he retired he came back to Oshawa and lived here up to the time of his death.

*It seems there may be more to this section, but it cannot be found in the original manuscript.


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