Physical, Health and Safety, and Religious Education

Physical, Health and Safety Education

Before the year 1929, physical training was taught in a room or in a whole school if the teacher had the space or the time to teach it. Many of them did teach it in the early years.

In September 1929, Mr. E.G. Nichol was employed as teacher of calisthenics. This class was dropped in 1932 because of the depression.

In September 1946, Mr. T.W. Cotie was appointed Vice Principal of Centre Street School with duties half-time as itinerant teacher of Physical Education. In 1947, he was appointed Supervisor of Physical Education. He is still carrying on with that work. In 1952, Mr. J.B. Henderson was appointed Physical Education Supervisor

Religious Instruction

In the year 1943 in September, the ministerial Association began their classes in grade VI and VII, one half-hour period each week.


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