Arts and Crafts and Opportunity Classes

Arts and Crafts


Art was taught by Miss Maude Squires, first in 1919. She was an itinerant teacher until she retired in 1925. No teacher has replaced her. Interest is kept alive through an annual prize which she left in her will on her death in 1936. The arts and crafts supervisor in the year 1947 was Miss F. Hart. She conducted classes in the different schools.


Opportunity Classes


These classes were started first in Centre Street School in 1930 with Mr. Robertson as teacher, followed by Miss Rose Capel. In September 1944 a second class was conducted in Simcoe Street South School with Miss F. McLeod as teacher. It was transferred to Albert Street in 1949.

In September 1949, Miss Madeline Kelly was appointed speech correction teacher, to be followed in 1950 as Primary Supervisor in charge of primary reading as well as the speech training.

In September 1966, the first class for the neurologically impaired [was established] in a total of fourteen Opportunity classes in the city which included Primary, Junior, Senior and intermediate.

Miss Rose Capel’s class was moved to Albert Street School in 1942 to make room for Home Economics in Centre Street School. She remained in Albert Street until the time of her retirement. With the closing of Albert Street School in 1967, that class was sent back to Centre Street.

These classes are entirely financed by the Board of Education.


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