Senior Public Schools

There are four Senior Public Schools in the city at present. These were first established in 1953 with King Street School. Two years later Ridgeway School was built on Stevenson Road North; it is a roomed school[1]. The principal is now G.W. Reddick. The Conant school[2] is situated on Grassmere Avenue and is named for one of the oldest settlers in this district the Conant family, the late Honourable G.D. Conant was liberal M.P for this district. The school is situated on what was originally their property.

Only grades VII and VII attend. One of the objects is to accustom the students to the rotation system of teachers, which they will meet when entering high school. Some of these schools have very modern science rooms.

            King Street School – 1953

            T.R. McEwen School – 1964

            Ridgeway School – 1955

            Lake Vista School – 1967[3]

This last named school is under construction at present and will be opened in the near future. It will have 10 regular classrooms, a Home Economics room and a combination gymnasium and auditorium also an Industrial Arts room. The whole building is of very modern design. Mr. B. Church is to be the principal.

[1] Ridgeway was closed in 1998.

[2] Closed in 2002.

[3] Closed in 1998.


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