School Namesakes

Dr. C.F. Cannon

Dr. Cannon was the supervising principal of the schools in Oshawa, a number of years ago. Then later when the city became an independent inspectorate he was the first inspector. When he left Oshawa he was appointed Superintendent of Education in Ontario.

Dr. S.J. Phillips

 Dr. Phillips was a dentist in Oshawa for a number of years and was a veteran of World War I. When dental inspection was first introduced in the health program in the schools, he was one of the first dentists appointed. He was an ardent worker on the school board for many years.

Gertrude Colpus

Mr. And Mrs. Colpus emigrated from Surrey, England between fifty five and sixty years ago.  Mr Colpus operated a printing business here in the city on Bagot Street. Mrs. Colpus was one of the first women members of the school board and was also a good friend to the Home and School club. She was one who helped to get music instruments started in the schools. Also, a new school [will be named after her] Her daughter, Miss Constance, taught in the public school in Oshawa for some time.

T.R. McEwen

Mr. McEwen was the inspector of the Public Schools in Oshawa for a number of years. Hr was described as having been a “good inspector.”

E.A. Lovell

 The name of Centre Street School was changed to “E.A. Lovell” in 1955. Mr. Lovell was a druggist in town for a number of years. He was on the Board of Education and was an ardent worker. However my opinion is that Centre Street School should have kept its original name. Who can say that it is not the ancestor of all the protestant schools in Oshawa today?


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