General Vanier Secondary School

The biggest project in Secondary education, this year is the building of this Special Vocational School, which will accommodate the students who graduate from the Opportunity classes and other students of limited academic objectives. It is situated on Gibb Street just west of Centre Street. Construction is now being carried on and it will have 16 classrooms, a library, 24 shops and a combination gymnasium auditorium. This school is scheduled to open in 1968. It is officially named the “General Vanier Secondary School.” Mr. C. Pickary is to be the principal.

The total attendance in the secondary schools in Oshawa in the year 1967 was: 12 330.

I am closing this portion of the history with two short poems written by Lyman C. Smith who was principal of Centre Street School – 1882 to 1910. Then when the first Secondary school in Oshawa was completed in 1910, he was principal until 1911.

In The Sunny Land of Youth

In the sunny land of youth

Gather gems thy form to grace

While their path through Womanhood

Thy advancing feet must trace –

Purity, thy brow to light;

Modesty, to grace thy neck;

Truth to sparkle on thy breast;

Charity, thy hand to desk.

Cheek may pale and eyes grow dim,

Burning lip of youth grow cold,

But these gems will keep thee fair

Though by years thou mayst be old.

No Tasks Thy God Hath Given Thee

No tasks thy God hath given thee

Can I to thee unfold;

And did I know, perchance ‘twere best

To leave them still untold.

For, knowing what those tasks would be,

Thy hands might listless fall,

And thou the moments fret away

And leave unfinished, all.

But thinking each to be the last

Thou’lt finish one by one,

And calmly fold thy hands to rest

And know thy work is done.

By Lyman C. Smith.


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