Park Road North School No. 10

This school had a rather brief existence. The boundary line between Oshawa and East Whitby was Park Road. All the children in the district west of Park Road should have been attending Union School No. 5 on Thornton Road North.

However all those living within one half-mile west of the boundary line were allowed to attend Centre Street school free of charge. Later some of those children were obliged to attend King Street schools owing to overcrowding in Centre Street. They were not required to pay fees.

After World War I, the Westmount district as it was called began to build up and families with children settled there. Centre Street school became so overcrowded by 1919/1920 that notice was given out to the Westmount pupils; they would have to find accommodation elsewhere. They attended the Thornton School but it proved to be too great a distance.

Because of this some of the residents in the district started an agitation to have a new school built. Quite a controversy raged over it. Some thought it necessary and others, a useless expense. However School Section No. 10 came into being and a small one-room school was built on Park Road north just above Saguenay Avenue in 1923. The next year in 1924 saw an addition of one room added to the school. When Westmount school was completed in 1925, the little school was closed. However it had to be re-opened again to accommodate the junior pupils from Westmount until an addition was erected there in 1927. After the addition was completed, it was finally closed; it had served its purpose as a school. It was then used as a municipal office for East Whitby until 1951, when the district was annexed by Oshawa. It was then used as a store house by the Parks’ Commission until it was finally demolished to make way for the two apartments, “The Georgian” and the “Governor Mansions[1].”

It was soon realized that the small Park Road North School was not going to provide classroom space enough for the growing population in that district. A tract of four acres of land was bought in 1925, west of Park Road and south of the Kingston Road on Pine Avenue.

A school, with four large classrooms, complete with service departments and an Assembly hall was erected at a cost of $40 000. By the year 1927 the total enrolment was 200 and the junior classes had to be accommodated in the Park Road north School. It was stated that Westmount School was not built large enough in the first place.

However, in 1927 another eight rooms were added no more classroom space has been built on it since. The grades VII and VIII pupils are attending the Ridgeway Senior Public School.

[1] These apartment building are still there.



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