Kingsway College 1912 – Present

The school used the pattern of mixing schoolwork with industrial work and this was the reason that the college woodwork was established in 1921. The second campus industry is the “Golden Rule”, started in 1959 and the college press was also begun to provide work for the students.

After a lull in expansion caused by the economic problems of the early 1930s and by the Second World War, building was resumed and a girl’s dormitory was erected in 1946 and an auditorium in 1949. In 1958 the college entered a new phase of expansion; the men’s dormitory and the administration building were completely re-modelled in that year. In 1965, a fourteen room science and classroom building was erected. In 1966 this was named Leland Hall after the first president of the school in 1903[1].

From grade 12, students can obtain a provincial diploma which entitled them to grades 13 and 14 in the Adventist College or they may enter Grade 13 in the High schools[2]. From the High schools they may enter Teacher’s College or University. After successfully completing Grade 14 in the Kingsway College here, they may enter the Adventist Colleges in the United States which many students do. Children enter the elementary school – College of S.D.A at the age of six. Kindergarten is taught in a private home.

Courses are given in all branches of secretarial work.[3] There is a well equipped science laboratory for teaching chemistry, physics, microbiology and anatomy. The school is connected with the North York Branson hospital.[4] Girls wishing to train for nurses may take the first year in Kingsway College and then proceed to finish their training for two years in the Branson hospital. This year (1967) provision is made for the training of teachers in the Adventist Schools. Home Economic classes are held for girls and Industrial Arts for boys[5]. The music department is very large, headed by Ralph Copeland[6]. The band played at “Expo” this year and has won many prizes in the Kiwanis festivals. Singing is taught – solo and chorus; the college has two choruses as well as the band. Musical theory is also on the curriculum including listening and ear training. Physical training is not a strong department.[7] The college has its own manual work. Some physical culture is carried on every day in different classes in the school. The students have their own ball teams and etc.; but do not compete with other schools.

There is a nurse’s department and medical health, Dr. A. E. King is the physician in charge[8]. If students are too ill to be treated in the college, they are sent to the Oshawa or Branson hospital[9].

The college’s finances are provided by grants from the Seventh Day Adventist Conferences and the students fees. No government grants are received. The students purchase their own textbooks which are about the same as in the Public and High schools[10].

The Oshawa day students make up a little less than half those in attendance. The President was Percy W. Manuel from 1958 to 1967[11]. The total attendance in1967 was 380. The foregoing information was kindly given to me by Wayne M. Sharpe – a student from Windsor.

[1] When the school first started in 1903 there were six students and two teachers.

[2] Grade 13 and 14 at Kingsway was abolished at the same time as the rest of Ontario. Current requirements for graduating are as follows: “in order to earn an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), a student must earn a minimum of 30 credits, including 18 compulsory credits and 12 optional credits. Students must also complete 40 hours of community involvement activities and must successfully complete the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).”

[3] This is no longer offered.

[4] It is unknown whether this partnership still exists.

[5] These classes are no longer offered.

[6] Faculty of the Music Department are Zeljka Colic, and Juan Tyson. (2011)

[7] The College offers full physical and outdoor education classes, just as the public and separate schools do.

[8] Nancy Cleghorne is the current school nurse. There is no physician on staff.

[9] As per the school’s current Sick Policy, students “report to the Records Office if medical attention is required, and parents will be contacted.”

[10] There is a TEXTBOOK RENTAL FEE. Textbooks are rented to students and will be distributed at the beginning of each semester. They are to be returned at the end of each semester. Books not returned within one week from the end of the semester will be charged to the student’s account. The condition of each book will be recorded when it is distributed. Books are expected to be returned in similar condition. Charges will be levied for lost or damaged books. Workbooks and other consumables are not part of the textbook rental fee and will be charged separately.

[11] The current President (2011) is Scott Bowes.


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