Union School No. 5

By 1954, the school had closed. The flag, trophies, etc., were sent to the Dr. Thornton School on Garrard Road. The last principal of the school was Mr. St. John.

Although it has been closed since 1953, the Union School Section No.5 situated on Thornton Road North had been an important school since its early days, because of its involvement in the history of the community. The early days of the school are somewhat obscure. Rev. R.A. Thornton came to the district in 1833 and no doubt he soon started a school there if there were a few children in the neighbourhood.

Mr. Harold Pascoe whose father’s family was an old settler of the neighbourhood can remember his father, the late Edgar Pascoe, saying that he went [to] an old log school out there when he was five years of age for one day so that he could say he had been there. The school was situated in the grounds which is now the Union cemetery. He said that the seats were of split logs and were arranged around the room. Judging from the plan of such a school it would have been built in the late 1830s. Mr. Pascoe can also recall some mention made of a two roomed school on the same situation.


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