Cedardale School No. 2: 1921 – 1967

The following article was printed in the Reformer in June 1927, the Jubilee year. “It should be remembered that Cedardale School which will soon be enlarged was a suburban school and stands precisely as it was before being taken into the civic corporation. The building is creditable to the city to which it now serves, and as a former district school, it stood for the highest ideals of rural education. At the time of printing, two rooms are being added to the Cedardale School, taken in to the city school system when Cedardale was annexed in January, 1923. At this latter school, the city for some three years taught free of charge, pupils from sections of old Cedardale, which had not entered the corporation at the time of annexation. Just a few weeks ago the Board of Education decided that those pupils must be excluded, each one costing Oshawa tax payer’s money from which there was no return.”

Another addition was constructed in 1960. At the present time annexes have to be used to accommodate the growing number of students in attendance.

The late Mr. Albert E. Webster[1], who was a lifelong resident at Thornton’s Corners, was principal of the school.

The family names of some of the first settlers in Cedardale, and whose children attended the school are: Stone, Smith, Dunbar, Rodgers, Mothersill, Welsh, Henry, Annand, Whiting, Robinson, Guy and Woods.

[1] Previously one of the first teachers at the Harmony School. It is unknown for how  long he was the Principal of the Cedardale School.


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