The Home and School Club 1921 – 1967

The Albert Street Home and School Club was organized early in 1921. The President was Mrs. Witterick.

South Simcoe was organized their Home and School Club, January 18th, 1921

Those clubs all functioned separately but made their reports to the Central Executive, thus coordinating their work through the Central Home and School Council. The object of the clubs was and of course still is, purely educational. They rendered great assistance in providing school equipment such as pianos, gramophones, flags, etc. All of the programs given in connection with the various organizations were of an educational nature.

The following Home and School Clubs were organized later:

North Simcoe – October 16th, 1924

President – Mrs. C.H. Mundy

Secretary – Miss Helen G. Batty

Treasurer – Miss V. Lack

Cedardale early in 1924

President – Mrs. F. Robson

Ritson Road

President – Mrs. Owen D. Friend

In the year 1927, (the Jubilee year) there were only eight public schools in Oshawa. I thought it would be of interest to some people to report the names of those on the executive at that time.

The Home and School Council:

President – Mrs. R.S. McLaughlin[1]

1st Vice-president – Mrs. C.A. Kinnear

2nd Vice-president – Mrs. J.C. Young

Secretary – Miss Velma Kaiser[2]

Treasurer – Mrs. A. Hartman

Press Secretary – Mrs. B.C. Colpus.

The presidents of the eight public schools were:

King Street School – Mrs. George Morris

Centre Street School – Mrs. B.C. Colpus

Ritson Road School – Mrs. Owen D. Friend

North Simcoe Street School – Mrs. H. Smith

Albert Street School – Mrs. Jones

South Simcoe Street School – Mrs. J.V. Johnston

Cedardale School – Mrs. Frank Robson

Mary Street School – Mrs. F. McLaughlin

Oshawa has made a tremendous growth since 1927 and many more schools have been added to the list. The school sections of the surrounding district had realized the value of the Home and School Clubs and had organized their own. Hot lunches were one of the conveniences installed by them in the rural schools.

In the year 1951, all of the schools surrounding Oshawa were taken in by the corporation. Cedardale was annexed shortly after 1927. Most of these schools had their own very active Home and School Associations.

For some time now Home and School clubs have been called, Home and School Associations. Some of the Roman Catholic schools have P.T.A. (Parent and Teacher Associations). As of 2011, the Durham District School Board has what is known as School Community Councils.

School Community Councils (SCC’s) have always been a vital part of our school communities, providing strong links between home and school to create a positive learning environment for students.

SCC’s are comprised of parents, school staff, students and community members who work together to support student achievement. SCC members are elected by the school community, within the first 30 days of the school year, and work together to advise the principal on matters related to the school.

The Parent Involvement Committee supports SCC’s by providing them with resources, professional development, and support. The committee is comprised of parent representatives from SCC’s throughout Durham, Trustees, School and Board staff.

Regional SCC meetings are conducted throughout the year to provide SCC members an opportunity to attend workshops and exchange ideas.[3]

For a number of years the Ontario Federations of Home and School are represented on most educational committees in the province. The Home and School Associations in the city can take the credit for having been very influential in getting musical training started in the schools.

A Home and School Association was organized at O.C.V.I. on March 19th, 1934.

At the present time the Associations are all as busy as they were in the past with projects in their own separate districts. The needs of the schools have changed in later years; the Board of Education now provides more extras for classroom use. Field trips for pupils in Grade VII and VIII are now being sponsored. Sports equipment is still one of the items high on the list. Efforts are being made to explain to the people the trends of modern education through speakers, panels of discussion and films; also questions pertaining to youth, such as drugs, alcohol, smoking and anything that is detrimental to health.

The presidents of the Home and School Council in this our Centennial year (1967) were Mrs. Carl Creamer from January to June and Mrs. Richard A. Donald from June to December.


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