Kingsway College – 1912

Established in 1912.

Motto – “Service not Fame”

Kingsway College is a co-educational boarding school operated by the Canadian Union Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists on a 300 acre tract of land in Oshawa. The high school is accredited by the Department of Education of the province of Ontario and both the High School and Junior College by the S.D.A (Seventh Day Adventist) Board of Regents – 1967- 1 968, Academy.

The school was originally founded at Lorne Park, Ontario[1] and was called the “Lornedale Academy.” The school moved to Oshawa in 1912 on the Brent farm [which consisted of] 128 acres. The total acreage became 240 when C.D Terwillegar, the first Seventh Day Adventist in Oshawa offered his property to the school. The institution was first named the Buena Vista Academy

The stone house, the Brent farm dwelling, which was a land mark for Kingsway College was demolished in 1966. It was a dormitory for girls when the school was first opened.[2] The building which now houses the laundry was used as a school building, cafeteria and press.[3] The boys and men slept in tents, but went to Mr. William Brown’s farmhouse in winter. The new administration building which was started in 1912 and finished in 1914, now serves as a men’s dormitory.[4]

In 1915 the school was made a training centre for French speaking workers in North America. To identify the school with its purpose of training denominational workers, the name of Buena Vista was changed to ‘Eastern Canadian Missionary Seminary – E.C.M.S. in 1916” In 1918 the present administration building was erected and completed in 1919. During the 1920s the E.C.M.S was incorporated under the name of the “Oshawa Missionary College O.M.C.”

[1] A small community, now part of Mississauga, ON; close to Port Credit, ON.

[2] The girls now reside in Buena Vista Hall

[3] Unsure if this building still exists or where these are currently located.

[4] Ryan Hall. Visit for a virtual tour of Kingsway College.



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3 responses to “Kingsway College – 1912

  1. The picture on the left was the girls’ dorm in 1961. At some point, it became the boys’ dorm. The cafeteria was downstairs. The building is long gone, but last time I was there, the door to the downstairs cafeteria was still standing.

  2. roberta crawford mcelmurry

    The dorm on the left was still standing when I graduated in 1964 – my room was on first floor looking towards the bakery and the laundry – I could see all the guys coming to dinner – the door to the cafeteria and the cement stoop were used to enter the dorm sometimes when it was after hours. Roberta

  3. Thank you for sharing ladies!

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