St. Gregory Roman Catholic School (1871 – 1920)

The Minister of Education stated that there were one hundred and fifteen on the roll in the school in 1874; the average attendance was only sixty-five.

The Catholic schools had their problems with indifference towards education the same as the Protestants.

It is interesting to note that the members of the School Board at that time were as follows:

             North West Ward – M.P Warren, D. Normoyle

            North East Ward – John Gallagher, M. Caulfield

            South West Ward – D. Hayley, J. Shea

            South East Ward – John Redmond, B. Murphy


By the year 1912, the Catholic population had expanded and it was found necessary to build another larger school. This was erected immediately north of the old one, on Simcoe Street. It was a two story red brick structure and more modern. There were four class rooms on the first floor, a well equipped auditorium on the second floor and the basement was fitted up to serve as play rooms in inclement weather. The old school was demolished when the new one was completed. At this time the legislative grant was $49 and the municipal grant and assessment amounted to $818. The two Sisters with permanent ungraded certificates received an annual salary of $300.

The curriculum consisted of: geography , British and Canadian history, music, physiology and hygiene, literature, nature study, composition and grammar and physical culture.


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