Cedardale School No. 2 (1871 – 1920)

As time went on, this school had to be abandoned. The Tannery took over the Scythe Works in 1901 and more families had come to live in the district. A new six-room school was erected in 1920 on the present site, opposite the older one on Simcoe Street. It faces the west. The old building having served its purpose as a school was taken over by the United Church for a house of worship. It was remodelled inside and an entry way was built over the front.

Plans for building a school in Cedar Dale were announced in the Oshawa Vindicator on Feb. 20 1867.  Previous to that the children would have to go to a log school house near Lloyd and Simcoe.  With the advent of the railway station to the north of Cedar Dale and population of Cedar Dale increasing there was the need for a local school.  The plans for the new school were drawn up by a local architect Hiram Robert Barber.  The newspaper of the day reported that the plans were well drawn and were an attestment to the ability of the architect. Mr. Barber is responsible for a number of other buildings in Oshawa.  The Wilson block and Music Hall, at present the Lovell Drug store, the Christian Church and the former Schofield Woolen Mills were his design. After a new school was built across the street the building was purchased by George McLaughlin and donated in 1927 to be used as a church home in the community.  http://www.heritageoshawa.ca/plaqueprogram-recipients.php


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