The High School Concert

Report of the rendition of the programme by one of the auditory.

December 17th, 1897, in rhyme.


“The best entertainment given this fall

Was the High School Concert at the Music Hall.

Mr. W.W. Tamblyn in the chair

Misses Luke, Field, Madden and Addair

Sang “gently down the stream of time,”

Without exaggeration ‘twas sublime.

Master Tremear showed good behaviour,

In his recitation about a shaver.

After which came Miss N. Kiddie

Who read a piece in voice quite steady.

“Good-night little blossom” sang Miss F. Hart

She pleasingly sustained her part.

A reading next by Miss H. Boyd,

The auditory well enjoyed.

Misses Fowke and Hogg – piano duet

Someone remarked – “that’s the best yet.”

Then came reading by Miss M. Meek,

For anything better you’d vainly seek.

Mr. Murphy in character did appear

And sang about “McCarthy’s Mare.”

Master Tremear a grand march did play,

In military style, brilliant and gay.

Next, Mr. Walsh without hesitation

Gave a reading instead of a recitation.

Miss Gullock and Fenwick (the piano playing)

In a duet, “what are the wild waves saying”

Miss Marten’s song “Tired” charmed every heart,

And this concluded the premier part.


Part II


Misses Meek and Hogg “Far from Home” duet

Mr. Drew’s recitation, ‘twas O.K you bet.

But Miss K. Henderson’s “Bother the men” was so loudly

Applauded, she appeared again.

In fact one and acted well their part

This lady’s reading, viz.  “The Bells”

Was beautifully but horrid yells

From some bad boys out by the door

That fought and made each other roar,

Was very annoying ‘twould make one surely

To have such occur in the absence of Gurly.

“Falling Leaves” instrumental Miss Fawke performed.

Was so nice all the audience appeared to be charmed.

Then came Mr. Henderson (aspirant to the bar)

And recited animatedly “King Henry of Navarre.”

Miss Gullock sang sweetly “Tyroll’s Lovely Dell”

Each note on the heavens melodiously fell.

Miss Fowke, instrumental, the chords sweetly blended,

All were unanimous in proclaiming it splendid.

Mr. Murphy, again in costume (not Pat)

Sang a comical ditty about a “John Thomas cat.”

Misses Gullock, Fenwick, Hogg and Madden then sang

“Come where my love lies dreaming” the piano notes rang

Out melodious and afterwards the audience was seen

All standing up warbling, “God Save the Queen.”


One notices that the expression “O.K” was used in those far off days. Mr. Gurley was the policeman, here, at the time. Miss N. Keddie was the daughter of Mr. J.B. Keddie whom Mr. Chestnut “roughed up” as a boy. Miss Fowke was a sister of the late Frederick Fowke, formerly of this city. Drew, Gullock. Meek were old family names here in Oshawa


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