Report Cards

In the earliest years when the High School was in the new building, report cards were not given to the pupils. Marks obtained on the exams were posted on the bulletin boards and the papers were handed back to the pupils. A record was kept in the office of each student’s marks, during the year. Before the final exams in the higher grades, the scholars were called individually to the office for an interview with the principal. He gave his opinion on the advisability of trying or not. A fee was charged for the departmental exams.

For entrance to Teacher’s College (normal school, then) a student was required to pass the following exams: English (Literature and Composition), British and Ancient history, algebra, geometry, physics and chemistry. With the addition of Latin and French he was awarded the Junior Matriculation only.

For Senior Matriculation the subjects required were, as well as the above: Trigonometry, Medieval History and Zoology. Options were given in that grade. If successful he was then entitled to enter University [as a] teacher.

A student was at the time, required to obtain 40% of the marks on a paper and a 60% average on the whole set. If a student came below 40% on any paper, no matter how well he had stood up on the other subjects, a failure resulted and the year was lost. I do not recollect that any supplementary exams were allowed before the next school year, commencing in September. In most cases if a failure resulted, his school days were over.


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